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With warmer weather last week, my girls spent a lot of time playing outside! This also meant that by the end of most days they were covered in dirt from head to toe.

While my girls generally enjoy bath time it can sometimes be hard to get them into the tub, especially if they had a bath the night before. So this week we tried out this Rainbow Foam activity by Susie over at Busy Toddler. It was the perfect clean-fun activity to start off bath time.

Rainbow Foam

Inspired by busytoddler


Kids Bubble Bath
Food Colouring
Hand Mixer


  1. In a bowl add 1/2 cup water with 1/4 cup bubble bath.
  2. Add food colouring (or liquid watercolours) if you wish.
  3. Mix with a hand mixer till you create a nice stiff foam.
  4. Mix up a few more colours and you’re ready to play.

Check out the short video to see what it looks like to create and play with Rainbow Foam. I’ve also included some advice below to help you have the best Rainbow Foam experience for you and your kids!

This activity is so easy to set up. I made 4 colours in a matter of minutes and it kept my girls busy in the bathtub for almost half an hour. By then most of the bubbles had disappeared and all the colours had been mixed together. At that point I let all the water drain out and then started a bath. The running water activated the bubble bath again and we had a nice bubbly bath time which kept them entertained even longer.

You can play with this Rainbow Foam in the bathtub or on the floor of your walk-in shower. Or simply fill a tote or tub with the coloured foam and let your kids play on the table or outside.

We gave the girls a few scoops (a funnel and a dry measuring cup) to scoop and mix with. At one point my 4-yearold asked me to hide something  in the foam so I hid some of her tiny pony and puppy figurines in the bowls. The girls had a lot of fun hunting for the treasures and scooping them out.

We also learned a few things during our Rainbow Foam experience that should help your family enjoy this bubbly activity as well. 

First, Use Tear-Free Bubble Bath.

In the original activity on Busy Toddler, Susie advises to use tear-free bubble bath and I wholeheartedly agree! While my 4-yearold was able to keep the bubbles out of her face, my 2-yearold was not. Thankfully, we took Susie’s advice and were able to keep enjoying this super fun and colourful experience instead of it abruptly ending in tears.

Second, Remember that Bubbles are Slippery!

If you are doing this activity in the bathtub make sure your littles stay seated and supervise them the whole time. If you have one of those anti-slip mats for your bathtub or shower that would be a great idea as well. As long as my girls were sitting we didn’t have any problems but it did take constant reminders to keep them from standing up in the slippery tub.

Keep the fun going by re-mixing your Foam.

Before making all the colours I tested out one bowl of foam to see how it worked. By the time I got ready, got the girls in their swim suits, and finished making the other 3 colours, I noticed the first bowl had started to separate a bit. Which makes sense since I made it about 15 minutes earlier than the rest. So I grabbed the mixer and gave it an extra whip and it was back to bubbly once again. So if your bubbles start to separate but you want to keep the fun going just give the bowls another mix and you should be able to keep on playing.

Check Your Colours Before You Start

We used food colouring as suggested in Susie’s post and had no issues with staining on our tub or on the girls swim suits or skin. But it is a good idea to test the colours out in an inconspicuous location first to make sure you won’t end up with a rainbow coloured bath tub.

Another great idea would be to use liquid watercolours like I mentioned in yesterday’s post. These are washable watercolours that are just as bright and vivid as food colouring but a lot less likely to cause any staining.

Also be sure to test out the colours (and the bubble bath) on your child’s skin to make sure they do not have any allergic reactions before playing in the bubbles.

Made your own Rainbow Foam? Tell me how it went in the comments below!

Once the glue outline was completely dry I set out a sheet of hearts for each of my girls along with some paint brushes and liquid watercolours. You could also use watercolour paint pods that you buy in trays to create the same effect. This time I used the liquid watercolours because I wanted to specifically set out pinks and reds for Valentine's Day. I gave them 3 colours to paint with mixing our watercolours with a bit of water to give them a softer feel. Once they were dry we cut out our hearts which we will add to our valentine cards in the next few weeks!


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