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by | May 12, 2020 | Mother's Day | 0 comments

We had a great day visiting and celebrating our grandmas and great-grandmas on Sunday.

We decided to make some process-focused flower bouquets for our grandmas and great-grandmas for Mother’s Day by creating three types of flowers over a few days. The inspiration for these activities came from images I found on Pinterest from I Heart Arts ’n’ Crafts, Projects With Kids and Free Kids Crafts.

Each day I set up an invitation for a new type of flower and each of the girls was able to make at least 4 of each kind. Once all of our flowers were finished we bunched them into four bouquets, taped the ‘stems’ together and delivered them to our Grandmas.

I love creating artsy gifts with my kids but so many Mother’s Day or Holiday activities online are result-based crafts and lack that process-focused freedom little ones need and crave so much. So today I’m sharing three different flower activities you can try out with your kids which all have a strong process-focus.

Painted Egg Carton Flowers


Egg Cartons
Paint Brushes
Glue Gun
Glitter Glue (Optional)
Pompoms (Optional)


  1. First, cut egg carton well out in groups of four. Trim around the edges to give the petals a rounder shape.
  2. Use brushes to paint the inside of the cartons.
  3. Once the paint is dry use glitter glue to add some sparkle if you wish.
  4. You can also add pompoms or buttons to the centres.
  5. When you are finished painting and decorating the flowers and they are completely dry attach the straw stem to the back. I recommend using a hot glue gun for this step.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Inspired by Projects with Kids


Coffee Filters
Liquid Water Colours*
Paint Brushes
Pipe Cleaners
Glitter Glue (Optional)


  1. Use paint brushes to paint the coffee filters with liquid watercolours.
    * You can also use diluted tempera paint or food colouring if you don’t have liquid water colours.
  2. Let the coffee filters dry flat.
  3. Paint on some glitter glue for added sparkle if you wish.
  4. Once dry, gather the coffee filter together in the middle to create a flower shape. Then wrap a pipe cleaner around the base to create a stem.

Collage Egg Carton Flowers

Inspired by Free Kids Crafts


Egg Cartons
Confetti or Tissue Paper
Glue Gun
Glitter Glue (Optional)


  1. Cut out the egg carton wells, trimming along the edges to make a round flower shape. You can also cut slits in the sides to create more of a petal shape.
  2. Brush the inside of the egg carton with glue.
  3. Cover the glue with tissue paper or confetti.
  4. Apply a layer of glitter glue on top for added sparkle if desired.
  5. Once dry use a glue gun to attach as many flower buds to your straw stem as you wish.

Once the glue outline was completely dry I set out a sheet of hearts for each of my girls along with some paint brushes and liquid watercolours. You could also use watercolour paint pods that you buy in trays to create the same effect. This time I used the liquid watercolours because I wanted to specifically set out pinks and reds for Valentine's Day. I gave them 3 colours to paint with mixing our watercolours with a bit of water to give them a softer feel. Once they were dry we cut out our hearts which we will add to our valentine cards in the next few weeks!


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