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We went on a mini vacation a few weeks ago and knew we would be spending a lot of time in the car and in a hotel room. So we decided to pack some art supplies to keep our girls entertained. Check out what we packed in our Art on the Go box and the Hotel Room Art Invitation we set up.

Art on the Go Kits

Things We Included

  • Paper
    I included a blank white drawing pad as well as some coloured construction paper.
  • Clip Board
    Or another hard surface to hold your child’s paper for drawing
  • Assorted Stickers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • 3-Compartment Container
    I got these at Dollartree and they were perfect for holding markers, scissors, etc while colouring in the car.
  • Paper Shapes
  • Crayons
  • Pencil Crayons
  • Markers
  • Pencils, Erasers & Pencil Sharpener
  • Pencil Sharpener


We packed everything into a 12×12 plastic IRIS container and plastic IRIS pencil container and kept is within easy reach in the van. The girls enjoyed drawing and colouring while listening to Adventures in Odyssey for the 3 hour drive.

You can add other art and crafting items to your kits depending on the age and insterest of you kids. The key is to pick items that are not too messy and don’t require a lot of space to work with.

We packed all of our stuff into one kit but you could also make individual kits for each child, especially if you are packing different items for them.

Hotel Art Invitation


Paper Shapes
Glue Stick
Pencil Crayons


  1. Set out all the supplies on a small table or the floor.
  2. Watch and see what your kids create!

Yes it is really that simple. Check out below for how my kids got creative with this super easy art invitation on the go!

On our mini holiday we had an afternoon with a bit of rain that kept us in at the hotel but not quite enough time for another trip to the pool before supper. So I grabbed a couple of items from our the Art Kit I packed and laid them out on the floor my girls. I didn’t say anything just put out the supplies and walked away.

Within minutes both of them were sprawled out on the floor checking out the supplies and getting to work. Lil Sis had fun just glueing shapes onto her paper and even went to find some stickers to add to her creation.

Big Sis used the paper hearts as inspiration to draw a picture of our family because as she put it “I love you so much!”

How do you entertain your kids on long car rides or during vacation down times? Have you tried bringing art with you on the go?


Once the glue outline was completely dry I set out a sheet of hearts for each of my girls along with some paint brushes and liquid watercolours. You could also use watercolour paint pods that you buy in trays to create the same effect. This time I used the liquid watercolours because I wanted to specifically set out pinks and reds for Valentine's Day. I gave them 3 colours to paint with mixing our watercolours with a bit of water to give them a softer feel. Once they were dry we cut out our hearts which we will add to our valentine cards in the next few weeks!


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